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Line Locating Service in Memphis

Are you planning a renovation, property addition, or any other project involving serious digging and earthmoving in your backyard? Before you finalize the design plans, purchase your materials, or rent expensive excavation equipment, your first step should be to contact Premier Plumbing and Mechanical to schedule our water and sewer pipe locator services.

Because these pipes are buried deep beneath the ground, locating them can be difficult for the typical homeowner. However, without proper identification of the pipes on your property, digging can cause hazardous situations that could impact the health of your family or the entire neighborhood. In addition, depending on state and local laws in your area, digging without first establishing the location of your plumbing system may result in legal penalties.

Schedule Locator Services Before Your Next Remodeling Project

With our locator services, you can discover exactly where all the pipes on your property are located before you begin your project. Locator services help you determine the layout of the extensive system of water and sewer pipes that are situated deep underground, information that is crucial to avoid damaging them during your remodeling or construction project. Breaking or bursting a pipe is not only inconvenient, but it also requires expensive repair and clean-up before you can make any further progress on your project. Locator services also keep your family safe from toxic gases that can escape from a sewer line when it’s damaged.

At Premier Plumbing and Mechanical, we implement state-of-the-art industry technology to locate your underground pipes, measure their depth and circumference, and provide you with the results to inform your renovation design and strategy. Professional construction companies utilize locator services before beginning any project, as broken pipes typically result in the property owner covering the costs of repair or replacement. However, many homeowners neglect this crucial step and begin their project before they realize they must halt for a redesign or even terminate the project altogether.

If an accident occurs during your DIY project and causes damage to your pipes, you must immediately halt your project until the situation is remedied, causing you to waste time and money requesting emergency services. Any excavation equipment you rented will sit unused while you wait for your plumber to diagnose and repair the issue. Avoid this common and costly mistake by investing in professional locator services before you begin. You will learn exactly where the pipes are located around and under your home so you can prevent work stoppages and plumbing damage.

Additional Benefits of Locator Services

Locator services are not only valuable for eliminating guesswork and risk during a construction project, but can also help your plumber locate leaks, clogs, breaks, or backups in your system. Whether they are in your backyard or underneath your foundation, these hidden issues can rapidly become complex problems that require expensive, time-consuming repair, such as water damage to your property. In extreme cases, an untreated plumbing problem can cause sewage to back up into your home, a serious health and safety hazard for your loved ones. New homeowners can also benefit from locator services, so they know where their pipes are in case a leak or backup occurs.

Ensure the Safety and Effectiveness of Your Renovation

If you are planning a remodeling project on your property or simply want the peace of mind that comes with full knowledge of your plumbing system, contact Premier Plumbing and Mechanical today. Our licensed, highly skilled technicians employ cutting-edge equipment to find your water and sewer pipes, regardless of their size or construction. Understanding the layout of your plumbing system allows you to move forward in any renovation with confidence, knowing you have eliminated the risk of expensive and hazardous accidents that damage your pipes.

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