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Sewer Line Installation Memphis

Installing a sewer line is a critical step in any homebuilding or extensive remodeling project. However, there are rules and regulations that must be followed, many of which vary depending on local code. If the project is not handled with care, improper sewer line installation can lead to ongoing issues with your plumbing system, hazardous sewer line failures that cause sewage to back up onto your property, or even legal repercussions for code violations.

There are many intricate details that must be considered when installing a sewer line. That’s why it is so important to hire a trusted professional technician for your sewer line installation project. When done properly, sewer line piping for your home should last anywhere from 50 to 100 years.

Elements of a Sewer Line Installation Project

There are a few major components your technician will need to consider when completing a sewer line installation for your new home. Precision and care are crucial with each of these steps, and the technician should have knowledge and experience in each. Elements your technician will consider include:

  • Size and location. When it comes to sewer line installation, the technician will create a trench and bury a 4-inch pipe below the frost line. This trench should be properly prepared as indicated by the other elements below.
  • Depending on your property, your technician will make calculations to ensure the sewer line is installed at the proper elevation. This calculation typically begins with your home’s main drain, following past the foundation, and slopes down to the main sewer line of your area of residence. Elevation can be measured using laser levels, GPS, or other traditional surveying equipment.
  • Proper elevation of your sewer line creates the slope necessary to ensure the proper function of your plumbing. If the slope is too steep, liquids will drain faster than solids and cause solid buildup that will lead to clogging. If the slope is too shallow, the line will not build the velocity necessary for proper drainage.
  • Digging the trench must be done carefully to ensure that there are no unnecessary disturbances to the soil. Often a bedding material such as sand is used to provide the pipe with added support. Improper bedding can cause damage to the pipes over time.
  • Pipes are typically installed one section at time, starting from the bottom and working up. This process tends to make it easier to ensure compliance with local codes. Once the pipe is installed and inspected, the trench will be filled once again. This soil should be carefully compacted to eliminate potential voids in the soil, which can cause pipes to weaken over time.

As you can see, there are many calculations and planning elements that go into a quality sewer line installation project. Hiring the services of an expert plumbing company is key to ensure these calculations are done properly so your sewer line will continue serving your home for years to come.

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When it comes to sewer line installation, finding a plumbing service you can trust is key. There are many complications that can arise to prevent an unskilled or DIY provider from completing the job correctly, on time, and on budget. When done incorrectly, issues with local code enforcement and ongoing plumbing problems can plague your new home investment, which will turn costly.

Your sewer line installation should last as many as 100 years, making this a critical investment in the life of your home. If you’re ready to move forward in a sewer line installation, reach out to the trustworthy experts at Premier Plumbing and Mechanical. Our experienced team understands the importance of working with you and local code enforcement to complete your sewer line installation the right way the first time. Contact us today!

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