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Video Camera Inspection Service in Memphis

A common complaint about plumbing repair is that many issues require technicians to dig up the areas surrounding your pipes to discover the source of the problem. Many homeowners are hesitant to allow this, as it can require plumbers to remove large chunks of earth and cause damage to lawns and landscaping. However, new technology gives plumbing technicians the ability to conduct far-reaching inspections without destroying your backyard. One of the most innovative tools available to plumbers today is a high-definition video camera capable of performing comprehensive sewer inspections.

At Premier Plumbing and Mechanical, we believe in investing in innovative industry technology to bring you the best results and the highest level of satisfaction for any home plumbing issue you may be facing. Our technicians are licensed and highly skilled, and they are fully trained to use the newest video camera technology. With video camera inspection, you can identify and repair impending sewer issues before they become so severe that they cause considerable damage.

How a Video Camera Sewer Inspection Works

The video camera used for sewer inspections is fully waterproof and specifically designed to allow our plumbers to conduct a thorough visual inspection of your sewer lines and your system’s underground pipes. It allows plumbers to investigate issues in areas that would normally be impossible to reach without an extensive and costly probe deep into the ground, such as pipes located underneath layers of cement or beneath the foundation of your home. These cameras are capable of viewing every inch of your system

Your plumber will begin the inspection by inserting a long rod into your sewer lines that features a high-resolution camera on the end. These flexible, high-tech cameras can easily travel through any turns and twists in lines with diameters measuring from 2 to 36 inches wide. The footage is transmitted to a television monitor in real time, so your plumber can immediately diagnose the issue. Our system saves the footage for reference, allowing your technician to create a solution for your plumbing problem.

Using video camera footage, your technician can quickly and easily view the source of your problem and begin to fix it as soon as possible. Common plumbing issues faced by homeowners consist of cracked, broken, corroded, misaligned, clogged, or leaking pipes. Other sources of issues include dirt, debris, or grease that builds up in pipes over time and tree roots that can invade your sewer line.

Video camera inspections remove the guesswork from evaluating your plumbing issues by allowing your technician to gather evidence of your system’s condition, identify existing or potential problems, and create a plan to fix them. Especially in cases of clogs, understanding the material that forms the clog is necessary for selecting the most appropriate removal strategy. After your technician completes the necessary repairs, they will use the camera to reinspect your system and make sure the repairs solved your plumbing problem.

Why You Should Schedule a Video Camera Inspection

These high-tech inspections are incredibly valuable for finding and diagnosing a wide variety of plumbing problems, particularly hidden leaks and breaks that could cause sewage to back up into your yard or the foundation of your home. Along with finding signs of damage, a video camera inspection can also help locate lost valuables that may have accidentally fallen down a drain or even locate animals trapped inside pipes. Additionally, such inspections are recommended if you are interested in buying a new home to avoid getting stuck with thousands of dollars in repair work or system replacement.

To learn more about how a video camera inspection can help you, contact Premier Plumbing and Mechanical today. Our technicians can use this technology to accurately pinpoint the source of any plumbing problems, saving you time, money, and hassle while protecting your lawn. To schedule a consultation with our team, submit the contact form on our website and we will be in touch shortly to discuss your issue.

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