4 Reasons Why Your Water Pressure Might Be Lower Than Usual

4 Reasons Why Your Water Pressure Might Be Lower Than Usual

Water pressure tends to be something we don’t think about too much on a day to day basis. When murky, foul-smelling water starts rising up from out of the drain, we quickly call on a plumber to help take care of the clog, but if the water coming out of the showerhead is weaker than usual, we usually just make an idle comment about and go on with our busy schedule. However, low water pressure could be indicative of a greater problem. Here are four reasons why your water pressure might be low.

1) A Clog or Obstruction in the Pipes

Generally, when we think of clogs, we think of drains, or perhaps the garbage disposal – systems that take water away from our homes, not the ones that deliver it in the first place. However, those pipes can become clogged as well. Small particles in the water can build up inside your pipes over time, eventually forming into large obstructions. Additionally, pipes that run underground can develop blockages from tree roots as well.

2) Corrosion Damage

Unless your house or building is brand new, it’s likely that the plumbing has been around for a while. But it might be helpful to find out just how long “a while” is and what material the pipes are made out of, as different pipes have different expiration dates.

3) Leaky Pipes

Even the smallest of leaks can set off a chain reaction culminating in unusually low water pressure. And the trouble with small leaks is that if they go unnoticed for a long period of time, they can lead to significant amounts of water damage, while will require costly repairs to address.

4) Old or Clogged Fixtures

While less common, the issue could also lie within the actual fixtures, especially if you’re only noticing the low water pressure in one particular area of the house. Inspect the fixtures for any sign of minor clogs, which can form over time. Additionally, components of the fixtures can become coated in limestone buildup or other gunk.

If you’re experiencing water pressure issues, it’s best to send in a professional before the problem escalates into a much bigger, more expensive problem. At Premier Plumbing & Mechanical, our team of plumbers are able to perform a thorough examination of your pipes, identifying the source of the problem, and taking care of the repairs. Our priority is ensuring any inconveniences are resolved in a swift, professional fashion, ensuring as little disruption to your life as possible. Call today to get a free estimate and schedule a service call from Hardcastle.