How Often Should I Check My Drains

How Often Should I Check My Drains

Your drains play an important role in keeping your house looking and feeling clean — they do the hard work of whisking away excess water and unwanted materials. Taking the time to make sure that your drains are working properly and are in good condition can save your future self from headaches and potential flooding.

How Often Do You Use Them?

Drains that are used more will have more buildup than others, so it’s often a unique situation for each drain when determining how often it should be cleaned out. A drain that’s located in a frequently lived-in house is going to need more attention than one located in someone’s second home. As a general rule, it’s good practice to have your drains inspected once a year, or if you experience frequent blockages, once a month. If your drain(s) have frequent blockages, it’s probably a good idea to call in a professional for an evaluation as the problem may have a more serious cause.

How Do I Clean My Drains?

While there are numerous different methods of approaching how to clean a drain, the standard plunger is the first thing that you should try. Many people mistakenly believe that plungers are only to be used for toilets, but that is incorrect. With a proper amount of water, a plunger is the go-to choice for the first attempt at unclogging a drain.

If the plunger isn’t working, you can try using barbed plastic cleaning tools to clear the blockage. These tools are designed to go deep into the drain and hook onto anything that is stuck, which can then be dislodged. Alternatively, you could use pressurized water cleaners to try and dislodge stubborn debris.

Call in the Experts 

If you have tried everything on this list and you still cannot get your drain working properly, it’s time to call a professional. At Premier Plumbing, we offer quick and reliable service to fix this annoying issue. Contact us today for immediate assistance.