Premier Plumbing & Mechanical | Signs You Need Your Sewer Lines Cleaned

Premier Plumbing & Mechanical | Signs You Need Your Sewer Lines Cleaned

Signs You Need Your Sewer Lines Cleaned

Backed-up sewer lines and clogs are not fun for anyone. However, there are steps you can take to prevent clogs before they become an issue. Contrary to popular belief, sewer lines need regular cleaning and maintenance. Left to their own devices, sewer lines can create damage and leaks in the foundations of your house.

Dangers of Sewer Line Clogs

Your sewer line meets up with the main sewer, but the individual one is much smaller, making it susceptible to clogs. Clogs usually result from the build-up of organic material going down your drains or from things not meant to be flushed or put down the sink. Blockages can also occur from root structures of bushes and trees breaking through the sewer line, creating a serious issue. 

Either of these situations can lead to sewage backups. The damage is both unpleasant and dangerous.

When to Clean Sewer Lines

A good rule of thumb is to have your sewer lines professionally cleaned every three to five years. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping everything working as intended.

Some hints it may be time to get a cleaning done of your sewer line is if your drains are slow to drain their water or if your toilets are making gurgling noises when flushed. This could point to a clog in one of your home’s pipes or the main sewer line.

If you notice unpleasant smells in your home near sink drains, you likely want to get your sewer line cleaned. Before sewer buildups overflow, they can push sewer gas into your home, which carries health risks.

Premier Plumbing & Mechanical Is Here for You

Premier Plumbing & Mechanical has you covered for professional sewer line maintenance and cleaning. No one wants to deal with the dangerous aftermath of clogged sewer lines, so get in touch with us today.