6 Common Plumbing Emergencies

6 Common Plumbing Emergencies

Emergencies never come at convenient times, especially plumbing emergencies. Whatever is going on in your life and your home, there’s never a good time to handle a plumbing disaster. However, these emergencies can crop up at any time.

6 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

  1. Overflowing Toilet. An overflowing toilet is a scary experience, and it’s also one of the most common issues. Fixing a clog right away can keep this from happening, but an overflow can still happen. And where there’s an overflowing toilet, germs are flowing all over your flooring and potentially into other areas of your home.
  2. Burst Pipes. If you’ve ever woken up to the sound of rushing water, you may have experienced a burst pipe. They happen when water pressure builds up in a spot that’s weak in the pipes. This often happens during sudden freezing temperatures.
  3. Backed-Up Drains. A clogged drain can be a major inconvenience and result in serious drain backups. While plunging can help in some cases, clogs that are hard to break up may require professional help.
  4. No Hot Water. Stepping into your shower in the morning to the shock of cold water can be an unexpected start to the day. Hot water is an important function for modern households. While it may be just a leak, it can also be a burst water heater, which may lead to further damage.
  5. Backed-Up Sewer. A backed-up sewer is never a good situation. Messy, smelly, and potentially expensive, backed-up sewer lines are one of the worst plumbing emergencies. Often caused by multiple clogs in your line, it’s an issue that should be fixed professionally as soon as possible.
  6. Damaged or Leaky Washing Machine Hoses. This is another issue that usually arises when it’s too late. You may not even think to check your washing machine hoses, but this is a common area for plumbing issues that can escalate quickly.

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