Why Is My Toilet Bubbling

Why Is My Toilet Bubbling

As soon as you see or hear an unusual bubbling or gurgling noise coming from your toilet, it makes sense that you’d be concerned. This isn’t something you’re used to seeing or hearing, so clearly, it’s an indicator that there’s a problem. Still, what’s actually wrong with your toilet, if it begins to bubble? Is there more than one possible cause?

The Two Common Reasons for a Bubbling or Gurgling Toilet

If you see bubbling in your toilet, or if you have begun to hear a strange gurgling noise, then there are two likely causes:

1. Clogged Sewer Drain Line

This type of clog in your pipes can result in bubbling or gurgling. A number of possible factors can lead to a clogged sewer drain line. This includes tree roots, for instance. Roots have a natural tendency to grow in the direction of water or moisture, which can lead to them interfering with your pipes. Once the roots of a tree reach your pipes, this can cause a variety of issues for your plumbing, including a backup in your sewer drain line.

 In addition, a clogged sewer drain line can be the result of debris or other unwanted items within your pipes.

2. Blocked Vent Stack

Another possible cause of a bubbling or gurgling toilet is known as a blocked vent stack. A vent stack is actually a particular kind of pipe. This pipe rises out of your home’s plumbing system, and through your roof. It helps to dispel sewer gas, preventing it from getting backed up. Plus, this pipe allows water to flow more smoothly.

 If the top of your vent stack becomes blocked by an object, this can result in bubbling or gurgling within your toilet.

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