Don’t Hesitate to Call a Plumber

Don’t Hesitate to Call a Plumber

When an emergency plumbing issue arises, most people know who to call—the plumber. But what many people don’t remember is that plumbers offer non-emergency services that you might not know about.

Plumbers Aren’t Just for Emergencies

There may be things in your home that aren’t operating optimally, but you just deal with it. You’ve likely been living with things the way they are for so long that you forgot it could be better. One example is water pressure. Many homeowners believe they just don’t have good water pressure. But this is one of those things a plumber can service. You can enjoy stronger water pressure with the help of a plumber.

Don’t Ignore Plumbing Small Issues 

Another thing you may not feel plumber-worthy of is a dripping faucet or garden hose. These faucets drip and drip no matter how tightly you turn them off. Perhaps the drip doesn’t keep you from sleeping soundly. But water costs money. The water that drips from a leaky faucet costs you money with every drip. A plumber can fix this, as well. And oftentimes, a dripping faucet is a warning sign for a bigger problem—a stripped, corroded or failing shut-off valve.

Slow flushing toilets may be something you can easily live with, but you don’t have to. Call a plumber to inspect your toilets and see if they have recommendations for more efficient toilets in your home.

A sulfur smell emanating from your bathroom could signify a few problems, such as a broken seal under your toilet. A plumber can investigate and determine the root cause of the unpleasant odor. You don’t have to live with odorous toilets.

Residential Plumbing

Finally, a plumber can install low-flow toilets, a laundry room sink, an energy-efficient dishwasher, and more for you. If you’re weary about how to install appliances with water hose and/or drain attachments, don’t wing it. Get in touch with Premier Plumbing & Mechanical, licensed and experienced professionals eager to assist you with your home plumbing needs, whether big or small.