Why Is My Water Bill So High

Why Is My Water Bill So High

A high water bill can be a frustrating thing to deal with, especially after repeated months of high bills. A sudden spike in water bills usually poses a mystery to most people. They don’t know how much water they use, and they don’t know why the bill is high. It often takes a few months of trial and error to find the reason for the increase.

Call Your Water Company

Determining what is causing your water bill to be higher than usual starts as a guessing game. Calling the water company is one place to begin. Next, check your toilets and faucets underneath the sink valves for leaks. Check if outdoor faucets are all turned off properly. Even the smallest drip from a water hose nozzle or faucet can cause your bill to rise by hundreds of dollars in just one month.

You May Have a Leak

You can have a water inspector from your water company inspect your pipes and plumbing to determine if it is a leak in the pipes. A leak in the irrigation system or household plumbing causes excess water to flow into the home and your meter. This can happen if there is an old pipe in your home that has developed a leak or if there is a leak in your irrigation system. If they find one, depending on the leak’s location, they will also determine whether it is the responsibility of the homeowner or the water company.

You Could Have a Faulty Meter

Ask the water company representative also to check your meter. Often, older meters may present an error in the reading. Or they can malfunction and continue to run constantly, even though you aren’t running water.

Other Possible Causes

Low water pressure, a malfunctioning sprinkler system, increased use (like filling a pool), or a broken hot water heater are also known culprits for running up the water bill.

If you’ve come this far and still haven’t determined the reason for your increased water bill, call in the pros. Get in touch with Premier Plumbing & Mechanical to inspect your home today.