Why Does My Kitchen Sink Stink

Why Does My Kitchen Sink Stink

Your kitchen sink sees a lot of action from those in your household. Food preparation, washing dishes, and general cleaning cause your sink to be in constant use — but what can cause it to smell so bad? Smelly kitchen sink drains are common, and here are some of the reasons why a foul odor can develop.

Food Backup

When any kind of organic matter gets flushed down your sink, the likelihood of it getting trapped in your pipes is high. Food pieces, scraps from dishes, or vegetable and fruit peels can all build up in your pipes, slowly decomposing as they sit in your drains. The smell of this rotting food can become very strong, causing your kitchen sink drain to stink.

Dirty Garbage Disposal

Similar to having food buildup in your pipes, a dirty garbage disposal can be the culprit of your smelly sink. If left unused, especially with food trapped in the body of the mechanism, your garbage disposal can become the perfect climate for food to rot, causing your drains to stink as the food continues to decompose.

Leaks in the Sewer Line

Most sinks operate with a P trap, using gravity to hold water in your pipes that separate the open connection from the sewer from your sink drain. If this pipe becomes damaged, or if the water level begins to drop, the smell of the sewer can begin to seep out of your drain and into your kitchen.

When to Call a Plumber

Smelly sinks can be exceedingly frustrating, especially if the source of the smell is out of sight. Fortunately, with the right plumber, you can have your smelly sink appropriately diagnosed and remedied through a thorough inspection of your pipes. At Premier Plumbing & Mechanical, our skilled technicians are well-equipped to handle any odd smells coming from your kitchen sink drain, guaranteed. Contact us with your plumbing issues today.